Essential Items for Beginners

When learning the Guitar there are a few basic items (in addition to the guitar) you will need or need in the future.

1. Guitar Tuner

This is the most important piece of kit. You will need to tune your guitar every time you play. Therefore purchasing an electronic tuner is essential to help you tune your instrument.

Price £5-£15

Recommended models Korg CA-1 available from Amazon

Chromatic tuners are more versatile and therefore are recommended over standard tuners. Electronic tuners are better and easier to use than traditional pitch pipes.

2. Capo

Capos are useful for playing more adventurous songs and some songs that may exceed your current ability as a beginner at the time.

These can be as cheap as £2.99 and go up to £12. Ebay is a great source for Capos as bargain prices.

There are several types of capo. There is one particular that uses a fabric strap to attach to the guitar. These are not ideal as the fabric stretches and wears out over time. Ideally a sturdy metal capo is best. See pic below.


3. Spare Strings

Spare strings are essential simply to replace ones that break. Check the gauge your guitar came with and then buy some spares from a local shop or online.

4. Spare leads

Leads break. Therefore having a spare is a good idea.

More essentials coming soon!

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